The 6 Secrets To Create VIRAL Instagram Reels And TikTok Videos

by | May 17, 2022 | Blog

There is science behind creating amazing Instagram reels and TikTok videos that go viral and help you grow your business… and no dancing on viral songs is not involved.

One of our ТikTok videos got over 300.000 views and there is science behind it.


In this blog post, I will show you the exact video and why it went viral! And I will reveal 6 secrets to help you create fantastic Instagram reels and TikТok videos that have the potential to go viral.

By the way keep in mind that when you post your videos they might not go viral right away, but they can go viral over time. This has happened a lot in the accounts we are managing, so keep in mind that, don’t get discouraged and I want you to go into creating Instagram reels and TikТok videos for you business with the mindset of a creator who wants to help their audience.

So let’s get started…

Secret 1 – Start watching the content that is promoted right now

Go to ТikТok and to Instagram and start watching the content that is being promoted right now because what you see in your feed is what the algorithm is promoting right now. Start collecting what you like, because what resonates with you will probably resonate with the audience you’re trying to attract.

Why do you have to make this collection, because successful people don’t try reinvent the wheel, you don’t have to do it either, just collect what works right now and see how you can model that for your niche and improve it. You’ll come up with a unique piece of content that can help you attract the right people to come to you.

Secret 2 – Create short videos

Create short videos, especially at the beginning when people don’t know you, when you haven’t found your voice and your audience. People are not going to give you a lot of seconds to decide if your video is worth it their time or not. They’re going to give you one second and if you don’t manage to grab their attention in one second you’re going to lose them.

Create short videos and make sure they’re fun, educational, entertaining and they’re grabbing people’s attention because the hook in the short form video content is very important.

This is the promise you’re giving the person who is watching your video. I have to warn you though that your short videos for Instagram and TikTok might be slightly different because the culture on the 2 platforms is different.

On Instagram people love seeing beautiful, aesthetically pleasing videos and images it has been this way since the beginning and people expect that when they are on this platform.

While on TikTok people prefer to see more kind of behind the scenes, more raw content they expect you to authentic, they expect you to shoot with your phone and to share what you think on a daily basis. So test different things, your Instagram videos might work on TikTok and vice versa, but you have to test it and see if it works for your niche and for your audience.

Secret 3 – Create content that is savable and shareable

The algorithms of TikTok and Instagram want people to engage with the content, save it, and share it with other people because this is how the platforms keep people inside each one of the platforms.

If you want the algorithms to start promoting your content, you have to make sure you satisfy the algorithm by creating content that satisfy the expectations of people, so let’s see what content can be savable.

Savable content is content that provides value. Usually people save these videos because they want to go back to them and watch them again to be able to achieve some kind of a result.

Shareable content means relatable content but if you want to create shareable content you have to make it fun and entertaining and to make people relate to the content you have created. So you could create something like one workout for new mamas and share like she’s lifting the baby she’s feeling it and something like that, that a new mom can relate to.

That’s how you create savable and shareable content and that’s how you grow your pages organically because your ideal client is relating to your content and they like it, they save it, they share it, and they come and follow you because you’re providing interesting, valuable, entertaining information and you’re not trying to push your product all the time.

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Secret 4 – Add text over your videos

Adding text over your short videos will make people watch longer. Watch time is very important metric we have tested and seed that adding text over the video itself increases watch time so the algorithms start promoting us more, attracting more of our ideal customers to come and see our content and eventually follow us.

Write longer informative captions, this is going to work for Instagram only, because Instagram gives us the ability to write longer captions, but when you post your real just add more value inside the caption and add the text inside the video that says read caption. It is a call to action that will make people click on “see more” and actually go and treat your text which will increase watch time because your reel will go on repeat.

So the watch time will be increased the person will spend more time with you and you actually increase your chances of getting a new and loyal follower because at this moment they will decide. If you’re providing enough valuable information, so they can trade their time for your content.

Secret 5 – To getting your reels and ТikТok to convert

Add a call to action inside the video as you remember I said you have to add text over your video and now I add a little bit of a secret here, it’s to add a call to action. Tell people what do you expect them to do.

If you want them to go and read your captions on Instagram, say “read caption”, if you want them to follow you say “follow me”, if you want to get more saves and shares say “save and share this video” this will increase your chances of getting more save and shares, more followers and to grow your accounts because the algorithms will start promoting you because people engaging with your content.

You would probably think “well people are smart if they want to save and share they will do it”, but you are wrong, tell people what to do if you want them to do something because if you don’t tell them what to do they’re like hypnotized on social media and they’re just scrolling.

If you miss adding a call to action to your reels and TikTok videos you’ll miss getting a lot of followers.

Don’t miss any of these steps because they will help you engage your audience with the right content.

It’s your turn to go and make a VIRAL video!

Don’t forget to contact us if you want VIRAL VIDEOS for your business that engage the right people and convert them to happy customers.


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