The #1 secret to sell more online courses and position on the market (the branding design)

by | Feb 2, 2022 | Blog

I’m convinced that as a course creator, you think the most challenging thing is to create a course, but let me tell you something… the game is just beginning.

After creating an online course, the following primary task is attracting and retaining paying students. There are endless ways to promote, market, and sell your online course to get more students enrolling in your courses.

We were in the same situation when we started to sell our first online course in Bulgaria in 2019. It was exciting because it was for the first time and the expectations were very high.

But things did not happen exactly how we wanted. Sales were coming really slow while we expected something very different… So we did the most obvious thing – blamed the Facebook ads and the funnel.

We decided to change our Facebook ads, correct our sales page and add more value to our offer. The results were a little bit better…

After our first launch, we had 28 sales and were already thinking about creating another course. Because you know… it must have been our mistake.

We weren’t wrong actually. There was something very important we missed launching our first course. We didn’t take branding seriously while our competitors have invested heavily in making their courses look expensive.

There is no magic secret to succeeding online. It simply comes down to knowing WHAT strategies to use and implementing them consistently over time.

We have inspected our sales funnel millions of times, and here is the breakthrough moment!
One of the common mistakes a course creator makes is that they assume they’re just a course creator. You are not!
The moment you create a course you actually start a business, and as any successful business, you need to build a recognizable brand and stand out from the competition.

We realized that we had made the same mistake – We had NOT invested in branding our course and making it look professional!

Here’s why you should take the time to develop a brand for your online course.

    • Differentiate yourself from the competition and make the “package” represent the real quality of the product. – Don’t forget your brand expresses the value and motivations that drive your business. You’re not selling a commodity – you’re offering a unique course, and you are part of the value proposition. I’m sure that you do not want to compete on price with your competitors. You want to create something memorable that solves the problems of your customers. Here is the turning point where branding becomes essential and helps you have a significant competitive advantage.
    • Connect with your prospects emotionally. – Whether you’ve thought about it or not, you have a brand, and this brand has a story, language, and experience. Together these elements combine an unique vibe that engages your audience, and they want to buy from you. Every strong brand builds unified communication between them and their customers. If you care about your prospect, you don’t want to offer them something amateur, do you?
    • Attract the best customers and motivate them to buy. – You already know how many sales we did after the first launch. But what happened in the second launch after we branded our course?
      We almost 10x-ed our sales only with the same funnel and ads, only changing how our brand looks.

Branding is the crucial tool for connecting all your communication touchpoints and clarifying your offers. It helps build credibility and relationships with your customers and be first in their minds.

You already know the secret to stand out and attract the best customers – invest in branding your course to make it look and feel as professional as it is and be able to charge higher prices and make more sales.

We have created a great guide that will show you everything about branding an online course. And it’s 100% FREE.

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