How To Scale Your Online Course Business And Position On The Market

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You’ve created a great course, you’ve built a funnel, and you have successfully launched a couple of times. Your students are happy. And now you know it’s time to either grow or stay small. Or your sales started to go down because you’ve already sold as much as you can to your audience… and you feel like you have to create new courses to make money.

Does this sound familiar?

If you’re in a position where you have created a fantastic course people love, but it seems like you can’t grow anymore or have consistent sales coming in, but you know you can do better, this blog post is for you.

As a course creator myself, I have been there; I know how it feels.


I will show you exactly what we did to increase our prices, reach more of our ideal customers, and position on our local market in less than 2 years.

The first time we launched our online course in Bulgaria and put all our blood, sweat, and tears to sell only 27 courses, we figured out we had a problem.

Our course was better than any other on the market. We were the only people offering a mini video course for free as a lead magnet while all the others were driving the traffic directly to their sales page. But we were losing clients…

To make it even worse, people who were getting our lead magnet were buying courses from other people…

So we started digging to find the answer. It didn’t take long to realize our course looked like a 5th-grade student Canva DIY project. While all the others had visual branding screaming, “I am a pro digital marketer, and I know what I am doing,” our branding wasn’t looking professional enough to make people trust us.

After the disappointing first launch, we invested in building a professional and expensive-looking visual branding. We kept the product and the funnel the same for our next launch. But we entirely transformed how our brand looks.

The results were mindblowing… We managed to almost 10x our sales. We kept improving and launching, and in less than 2 years, we managed to attract more than 500 business owners to our academy and position on the market.

My goal with this blog post is to show you how to brand your online course business so you can charge fair prices, attract the best clients, and position yourself on the market.

Branding is crucial for growing your online course business. That’s why we’ve created a FREE Branding guide to give you everything you need to know to take your business to the next level. Click here to download it now!


Build your brand strategy

Your brand is so much more than a logo. Building your brand identity takes a lot more than design. If you want to create a brand that makes you stand out, communicates your values, and attracts the right audience to help your business grow, you need to follow a strategy.

Here it is:

1. Define who is your ideal client – this is the most important person for your business and building a visual brand identity requires starting from your ideal client avatar. Everything in your business should be created in a way that attracts your ideal clients and makes them feel they are in the right place.

2. Create an irresistible offer (Value proposition) – many companies think they have a marketing problem when the real problem comes from their offer. Your value proposition is the irresistible offer you present to the market. It has to promise massive value to your ideal customer, so they choose you instead of your competitors, especially if you’re a startup company or don’t have a big advertising budget. Your value proposition should be created in a way that makes people desire it. You can learn more about creating an irresistible offer in this blog post.

3. Tell your stories and show your values to connect with people – a brand is like a person. Everybody is different not only because of how we look but also because of our stories and values. Your unique story will attract people like a magnet and retain them for a long time if they connect with it. Your values will attract people with the same values.

4. Define your tone of voice – online, we communicate through words. But everybody has a different tone of voice. Netflix for example, uses a smooth and fun tone of voice while Amazon opts for a more serious, objective, and informative approach to meet their client’s needs.

These 4 components create the strategic framework for your brand. Your visual brand identity comes last to visually represent your business the best way possible so your strategy can meet the design of your brand.

5. Visual brand identity – this is how people see and remember you. Everything matters. Every design element has a huge role in positioning you in the market. Your logo is the face of your brand. But the colors and the fonts you use, your images, icons, animation, patterns, music… everything plays a huge role in how people see and feel your brand.

Create your custom brand guidelines document

A strong visual brand identity that communicates your values and speaks to your best customers is THE ONLY way to build a successful business that attracts and retains customers and makes you stand out in your market.

When you set your branding strategy, it’s time to work on your visuals and put everything together in a brand guidelines document.

If you’re still doing everything by yourself, it may sound pointless to have brand guidelines, but once you hire your first freelancer or a team member to work with, you will see how priceless this document is.

We didn’t have clear guidelines of how our brand should look and feel, so our first team members had no idea what to do. They were creating texts that didn’t match our tone of voice. And the pictures and colors they were choosing for Instagram were a disaster. We were losing so much precious time to edit their content that it became pointless to pay them and still spend endless time doing their work. We got frustrated and angry to the point that we started thinking finding the right employees was impossible…

Later on, we realized that this was not a problem with our employees. The problem was with us. One simple document could have solved many issues, saved a ton of time, and made a lot of money because we would use our time the right way.

Knowing that we now have a brand guidelines document that anybody in our team has and knows exactly what to do. The results are predictable, and our team doesn’t lose their or our time in nonessential tasks.

The brand guideline document contains your brand strategy, ideal client avatars, tone of voice, logo, colors, fonts, layouts, pictures… It has everything you and your team members need to make sure everything stays “on brand” like it’s been created from one person only.

If you don’t have a brand guidelines document, or you need to work on your brand and marketing strategy, feel free to contact us at:

Our team will help you create a stunning brand that makes you stand out to attract your best customers and grow your business.

Make sure your branding is consistent across all your channels

Every visual aspect of your brand is part of your brand’s ecosystem.
There are multiple touchpoints where your brand speaks directly to your potential customers, so you have to make sure your branding is consistent, creating a pleasing user experience.

Brand consistency is essential online because if you confuse the potential customer with your message or visuals, they will leave your website without taking action. A potential customer who leaves your website leads to lost advertising money, low conversion rates, and fewer sales. So you need to make sure you can convert as many visitors into leads as you can.

When talking about online course branding, here is what you need:

  • easy to navigate website that positions you as an expert, communicates your values, and invites the new potential customer into your world
  • a sales funnel, designed to turn cold leads into happy customers
  • a lead magnet which is the best sample of your product, combining valuable information and professional design
  • consistent social media content that makes people instantly recognize and remember you
  • stop scrolling ads that grab the attention, position you in the mind of your potential customers, and on the market ( your ads are the first brand touchpoint to attract a cold lead into your world)
  • consistent email visual layout

Make your branding look more elevated, professional, and even luxurious, and you will be able to start charging fair prices for your courses, attracting better clients, and increasing your profits to scale your business.

When you have a large audience of potential clients, your business growth is virtually unlimited. All you need is to make sure your brand attracts the right people who value quality and don’t hesitate to invest in your offer.
Your brand is your most valuable business asset. A recognizable brand will allow you to launch and sell your new courses or digital products effortlessly, growing your audience and scaling your business.

Investing in your visual brand identity will pay back on your next launch, but it will keep bringing higher profits and help you position on the market over time.

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