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We’re Copysocial

We have ONE mission.

To help passionate business owners build intense brands to increase their overall brand confidence and show that to their audience in the best way through their socials.

We’re here to help you find your way through the complicated world of online marketing.

We’ll help you to connect with your audience and create authentic content that sells with the right strategy and shines up with the online presence you deserve.


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Dessie Cherkezova

Co-founder and Social Media Strategist

Dessie, is the founder of Copysocial and Social Media Strategist passion for creating authentic content that attracts people’s attention.

She has spent the last 7 years leading social media strategies for business owners to help them build an online presence that converts.

She started Copysocial 5 years ago as a local digital marketing agency in Bulgaria, where she has born. Three years later, she built a local digital marketing academy that taught entrepreneurs to develop their businesses with the power of social media presence.

Since 2019 she and her 2 partners, Bobby and Kris, have worked with worldwide clients and helped them to build a memorable brand and attract the best clients on social media.

Bobby Bebov

Co-founder and Graphic Designer, Video Editor

Boby is the co-founder, graphic designer, and video editor with solid 10 years of experience.

He worked with many local and worldwide companies to help them have an authentic and memorable brand that people recognize online and offline.

Behind his back, Boby had more than 300 logos, many print materials, website designs, and many short forms videos.

Kris Cherkezov

Co-founder and Front-End Developer

Kris is the co-founder and front-end developer with 4 years of experience.

His passionate about creating beautiful websites that get results.
He worked on many worldwide projects and created an online presence that captured people’s attention.

Behind his back, Kris had many cosmetics, marketing, and food websites.


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