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Strong branding and engaged digital marketing will move your business forward.

We know what it means to run a business online, and YES, it’s not always a walk in the park.

You’ve chosen a path that not many dares to take, and we understand you very well.

Therefore our mission at Copysocial is to turn your business into an iconic brand people recognize and prefer and help you stand out and grow.

We’re a team of 4 friends (but for us is a family) who combine design and marketing skills to provide the perfect solutions for your business.  

We hope that by sharing our story, you’ll allow us to become a part of yours.


Are you in?

How does everything begin?

Annie and Dessie founded Copysocial 6 years ago as a small marketing agency based in Bulgaria. They have worked with many Bulgarian businesses, helping them shape their social media marketing and growth online.

After 4 years, many clients, many sales funnels, a lot of social media content and advertising, and a lot of experience, they decided to build a digital academy again in Bulgaria and take a new path. This entirely new way allows them to share their knowledge about online marketing.

Copysocial academy has more than 500 students who want to drive their business online and use social media marketing to reach more ideal customers.

This opportunity helps us meet incredible people and make one of our most giant dreams come true – to help entrepreneurs build their businesses online, reach more customers, and live their dream of life.

The academy was live!

We knew our branding needed to be different, and we wanted to transform it, but we had to find a perfect designer. That’s how we met Bobby, who really did an excellent job. After that, he and Kris (our A+ website developer) became our partners and started working together. 

And we did it!

The academy had a memorable branding, the potential students recognized it and became a part of our courses. That’s why we decided to go beyond Bulgaria, with one goal – to help people all over the world build their dream brand and increase sales of their online courses.

We help our students increase their sales and reach more potential customers. 


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Dessie Cherkezova

Dessie Cherkezova

Product Launch Strategist

Annie Maglev

Annie Maglev

Digital Marketing Expert

Borislav Bebov

Borislav Bebov

Lead Designer

Kris Cherkezov

Kris Cherkezov

Lead Developer

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