Launch And Scale Your Online Business

Lead generation focused strategy, combining strategic marketing and branding to attract your best clients and take your business to the next level


Branding Design

Stand out online and make a memorable brand that impacts your ideal customers and results in exponential business growth.

Strategic Coaching

We will take you by the hand to help you build a profitable launch funnel online, craft a winning social media and ads strategy and attract your best clients.

Social Media Managment

We’ll set you up for success with effective strategies that will help you grow your community and business online.

Your Business Is Ready To Grow

You’ve created an amazing course but you struggle to make enough sales?

Or you’re at the point in your service business or coaching practice when you know it’s time to stop trading time for money and create an almost passive income stream?

If you want to…

 Charge higher prices and increase the sales of your online course
Double your course sales and scale your business
Change your life and reclaim your time and freedom

We are here to help you to turn your knowledge and passion into a profitable online course


Your visual brand identity matters

Is your current branding not what you dream of?

Do you feel like your business has more potential but your branding is holding you back?

If your ads, social media, and website give a ‘meh’ first impression… you are probably missing out on many amazing clients and a huge opportunity to grow.

You need to ask yourself… are you satisfied with keeping your business where it is? Or are you ready to reach your full potential?

If you want to…

    • To charge fair prices for your courses and services
    • To attract your BEST customers
    • To position on the market
    • To scale your business

We are here to help you build an iconic brand that makes you stand out.

The 4 Superpowers Of Our Team


We use visual brand design elements to bring your ideas to life and help you grow


We design custom sales funnels that will attract your best leads from the Internet and turn them into happy customers

Social Media

We use content marketing to help you drive free traffic from social media and build a recognizable brand in the platforms your ideal clients love

FB Ads

We leverage the power of paid Facebook ads to attract more of your best leads, build your audience and scale your business

About us

Who we are

We’re a team of 4 friends who decided to combine their superpowers and create a one-of-a-kind service to help you build a profitable and sustainable online business.

Each of us had a separate service business until we saw we make the perfect team that can grow and scale digital products and service businesses.  So we perfectly understand what a business owner goes through when building and scaling a real business online.

We are a team of two digital marketers, one designer, and one developer who have worked together since 2019 to launch online businesses and build our digital marketing academy.

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The Online Course
Launch Lab

How To Double Your Course Sales In Less Than A Month, Without Changing The Product Or Spending More On Ads


What our clients say

Yana Bakalova

Founder of skin.moments

“Copysocial, thank you so much for the enthusiasm, professionalism, and friendly atmosphere you create every time! Your work is excellent, and I’m happy to have worked together. I highly recommend Copysocial as your go-to team for boosting your business!”

Irena Velovska

Founder of maison.estrella

“Everything you do is truly inspiring. What I have learned has made me rethink my previous strategy, and unfortunately, I have spent a lot of time and money without purpose or direction. Thank you for sharing your invaluable experience and opening up quick and unexpected ways to touch the hearts of our ideal customers.”

Albena Damyanova

Fitness instructor

“For someone like me who did not grow up with modern technologies, life on social media was a jungle! I’m glad that I came across to see my profile decent! Take advantage of well served and systematized information and you will save time and effort! I learned a lot, but I want more and more. For this, I will continue.

Our team

Behind the scene

Dessie Cherkezova

Dessie Cherkezova

Product Launch Strategist

Annie Maglev

Annie Maglev

Digital Marketing Expert

Borislav Bebov

Borislav Bebov

Lead Designer

Kris Cherkezov

Kris Cherkezov

Lead Developer



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How To Double Your Course Sales In Less Than A Month, Without Changing The Product Or Spending More On Ads